Monday, October 4, 2010

Great News for Beatrice!! ...& some other news

Beatrice found a home!!  YAY!!

Here is part of an email that we received yesterday from Judi -

I feel very blessed today.  Ms Beatrice went home with her new Mommy.  A VERY NICE woman who knows a lot about animals and speaks about her dogs the same way we speak about our kids.  
She calls them the Girls and says  that they totally understand the human langage.  That was the phrase she used in one of her e-mails and that told me right then and there that she loves her pets so much. 
She told me today that they are not her pets they are her family and children. 
I know that if anyone can make this situation work (with Beatrice -a cat and her 2 Huskies- dogs) it will be her.  Melody was already thinking of how she was going to get everyone to interact even before she was sure she was going to adopt B. 
So let's all say a prayer that B won't be returned and has finally found her Forever Loving Home.  I KNOW she will be spoiled beyond belief.  Melody was making a major stop at PetSmart on her way home to buy everything that kitty would need to make her life comfortable.  (food, scratching pad, bed, toys and whatever else she could think of)

Isn't this great??  Yay Beatrice!!  Good luck with your new home!!

...Our other news, well - We're going to be taking a brief hiatus while our Mom takes care of a few things around the house.  WE don't think we should be going on a hiatus from posting...  She said she will try to help us visit from time to time tho.  Come on now Woman, don't we get a vote??