Monday, November 7, 2011

Repost From Zoolatry


We've just read on The Cat Blogosphere that the wonderful Rumblebum has lost their blog access.  Not long ago this happened to sweet Stella, of Stella's World and we tried, without success, to help her retrieve and restore her lost blog.  And there have been others who have had this happen.  There are millions of blogs out there, and sadly an almost equal number of spammers, scammers and hackers.  Some do it simply with malicious intent, others have more serious reasons.  But when your blog has been compromised, the reasons why matter little.  Many of us spend a lot of time, energy, imagination and talent to create our blogs and to lose them is extremely upsetting. 
I am not at all a technical person, and not computer-savvy.  But I do know there is one simple step we can each take, ideally on a monthly basis, to BACK-UP our blogs.  This will not necessarily protect your blog name/title (or link) and it may not protect your email address used to access your blog.  What it will do is allow you to restore your blog, as it was on the date the back-up was created, using a new link and email (if necessary).  Many of you may already back-up to external hard drives or other sources; or even onto CDroms.  Whatever method you choose, it should be done regularly.
As I am not computer-savvy, if any other blogger has suggestions to add, please do so.  Post detailed information on the "how to's" on your blog and share with the rest of us, or email ZOOLATRY and we will pass the information on.  Thank you.