Thursday, November 18, 2010

Simon's Shakedown Technique

Mom: So every time I sit down to eat, I have to contend with Simon & his persuasive shakedown technique...

First he stares at me & meows, then he flops down next to me with this face - 

Next he rolls around looking really cute - 

If that doesn't work, he gets up & flops down next to me on the other side - (sorry, the lighting wasn't too good)

*sigh* Finally I give in & give him a little piece of chicken...  

But then, the other carnivores in the house are alerted - 
Nico: What'cha Eatin'??


  1. I think Simon could be a real asset to the household!

  2. ooh, this is good. We took notes so we can try that technique here :).

    Simon, our mom says she wouldn't be able to resist you either, Nico too :). Too cute!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  3. Good job, Simon! You have your human well trained - and all kitties benefit.

  4. I love you perfect blue eyes!You are so cute!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love LUNA

  5. We're not big on people food, but Nicki does this to the mom when she's getting ready to leave for work in the mornings. He'll flop down on the mat by the door and roll and squirm around, telling her he's too adorable to abandon for the day. So far his technique hasn't worked, though the mom DOES feel guilty every single day.

  6. awwwwwwww, Simon, we can see how irresistible you are.....and we know Nico and JayJay appreciate it too, cuz you soften the bean up and they also get in on the treats!!!!!!!


  7. Haha! Simon, we're gonna try that with our mom!!

  8. Simon, those looks would melt a heart of stone! No wonder your Mom is Powerless to Resist. If you want, I'll come over and help you by meezing for food and looking all starving and stuff...
    Love, May Ling

  9. Pounce! Attack! Jump up high over him! Land on him... That will help you...

  10. Simon, you should start online classes for this. I would definitely attend.

  11. Simon you are pretty irresistible. Your mom probably should plan on giving you some chicken every time, because there is no way she is going to be able to resist your amazing shakedown techniques.

  12. HI Kitties! We have missed seeing you! We are so far behind because of mom's work computer being blocked! We have to admit that we use a lot of the same techniques on our mom that Simon uses - they aren't too effective at our house though. WE hope Simon has better luck!