Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flashback Friday!

For two long years my face markings kept changing - At one point, Mom wasn't sure I was all Meezer!  So *sigh* here is a picture of me going through one of my awkward phases...
...She said I looked like a moose in this one - too cruel woman!

I made sure this one made it in as well (taken last night) showing me in my seal point perfection! (Hey - it was either this caption or "...Meezer magnificence!") What, too much?


  1. I think both captions are perfectly appropriate. If you're a meezer, you need to flaunt it!

  2. Ya, my furs didnt settle down fer almost 2 years... But I love them know.


  3. We think both photos are great; Nico, you are a gorgeous boy!...Happy Friday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Nico, we think you look handsome any way you are!! You are a magnificent meezer!!

  5. You were a cutie, Nico, who turned into total handsomeness!!!

  6. Wow we had no idea that furs could change so much - ours didn't do that, but then again, we aren't meezers. We think you are very cute in both pictures!!

    WE hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. You were so adorable as you found your Meezer self! Purrs to you handsome one!

  8. Hello Nico,

    Very pleased to meet you!

    Lucky here's to thank your very generous mom for her contribution towards Lucky's medical.
    She is simply wonderful.

    I like your face - you look very different compared to Lucky - Well, in short, we both are very good-looking! (Meowmmy is now puking in the toilet...)

    Keep in touch.