Monday, July 5, 2010

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Could You Use a Little Meow in Your Home?

This is pretty Little Meow.With its graying asphalt and nondescript bushes, the office parking lot could have been anywhere in the U.S., but this one happened to be in Ft. Lauderdale. And like many parking lots and scrubby areas surrounding office buildings across the U.S., this one has housed its share of stray and feral cats. The cats at this particular parking lot were a little luckier than most because some of the workers from the surrounding offices have been kind enough to feed and care for them. And two kitties in particular, Daddy Meow and his daughter Little Meow were especially lucky because the young woman who looked out for them, Dorian Wagner, cared more than most.
For several years, Dorian took care of Daddy Meow and Little Meow as if they were her own. And in a way, they were her own, because the two had decided she belonged to them. Although a bit shy, they were anything but feral and they learned to love her as much as she loved them. Dorian had to wait through several litters of kittens before she was able to capture Little Meow and have her spayed. But while Little Meow nursed her final litter of kittens at a rescue (along with several others whose mother had died giving birth to them), she learned that humans may be scary at first, but if they were patient and polite to her, they were pleasant company.
Once Little Meow’s kittens were weaned, she was returned to the parking lot, since that was where she seemed to be most at home, and it was also the home of Daddy Meow. For a while, things returned to normal for the Meows. But in June, tragedy struck.
Little Meow drawing by BZTAT
Whoever adopts Little Meow also gets this drawing courtesy of BZTAT!
Dorian saw that Daddy Meow was losing weight, so she brought him to the vet, who discovered he had an advanced cancerous tumor. Tearfully, Dorian agreed to have him put down. Little Meow was alone. Even worse, the people in charge of the parking lot decided they didn’t want Little Meow around, even though she was harming no one and was nearly as tame as any household pet. Dorian knew that if she didn’t do something soon, something bad might happen to Little Meow. So she packed her up and took her away from her parking lot home.
The only problem was that now Little Meow had no home at all. As much as Dorian wanted to keep her herself, she was already over the cat-limit at her condo. So until Little Meow can find a permanent home, she is staying with a friend of Dorian’s.
And that’s where you come in! We must find a home for Little Meow as soon as possible! Some of you may know Dorian from her blog, Your Daily Cute, and you will find all the details about Little Meow at this post. Dorian wants to find just the right home for Little Meow, and she’s hoping that if enough of us spread the word, the person who was meant for her will see it. Maybe that person is even you! If you can at least Tweet about Little Meow or post about her on your own Facebook profile or blog, you will have done something to help out this little girl. Thanks!
Are YOU Little Meow's human?


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! Dorian says Little Meow is having a great time at her foster home - not acting shy at all! She is a very sweet kitty.

  2. So sorry to hear about Daddy Meow...Little Meow is gorgeous and we hope she finds a loving forever home soon...We will purr loudly for her...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. How is Little Meow doing? Has she found a home yet?