Monday, July 12, 2010

What the heck??!

Ok, as of Sunday, I have lived here for a whole month!!  Can you believe it?  I really like it here, but I have a bit of a gripe.  It's not about the kitties here - JayJay is my friend & well, I'm still working on Nico...  BUT, the lady here has some weird ideas about feeding me!

First of all, she puts me in another room so I won't eat the other kitties foodies.  That in itself stinks!!  Now, rather than feeding me the yummy raw & canned food that the other kitties get, she's giving me kibble!!!  What the heck lady??!  I know I scarf my food, then my tummy hurts & I barf everything up, but that shouldn't matter!!  Now she's gone crazy & put my kibble in a big bowl with a can in the middle of it - doesn't she know this slows me down??!
(Mom: If any of you kitties (Moms & Dads too) have any idea of how I can slow poor Simon down so he can eat the healthy wet  food - & keep it down, please let me know!!) 


  1. Great it's been a month and you are settling in well, handsome Simon...Sukki is a fast treat eater too and then she tries to steal her sisters treats!...I just try to hold her back when she goes after her sisters treats!...If you find a way to slow him down, please post about it!...Happy week sweet friends...kisses and hugs...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. One month!!
    Time sure flies! :)

    Yes, if anyone has any tips about controlling these fast eaters, pls share, I've way too many to control! :)

    Maybe feeding stations at different locations might help? Like Katnip Lounge?

  3. Happy One Month Gotchaversary!!!

    Our vet sells a bowl specifically designed to slow down dogs and cats from eating too much.

  4. The can-in-the-middle is a good idea! Maybe you will slow down after you realize that you will always get food and do not have to worry about it.

  5. Concats on your onemonthaversary! We can't believe it's alreay been a month!

    When Ginger was adopted she was starving and her ribs were sticking out. She scarfed her food so fast we thought she'd pop, so we had to really watch her, but the best cure was over time she realized that she had plenty to eat. She still barfs from time to time but she's slowed down a lot.

  6. Chumley was like that, and Derry can be too--eating too quickly and throwing everything back up.

    If you have the option, what about smaller, more frequent meals? I don't know how often you feed now, but if only twice a day, try splitting the food into three or four servings, if possible.

    He might slow down on his own after a while, as Cory mentioned, once he realizes the food is not going to disappear.

    Smooches to Simon on his 1-month Gotcha anniversary!

  7. Our Elsie used to do that. Good luck! I like the can in the bowl idea.

  8. What about one of those microwave potato cooker dishes that has the spike up the middle? I've seen them in Home Marketplace and Harriet Carter catalogues. That might prevent gobbling.
    Or maybe feed a couple of spoonfuls in different dishes ineach corner of the room.
    Rupert is a barfer, too, I try to watch him when he eats and restrict his speed...

    MomKat Trish

  9. hmm, hope you gets out of this habit soon, Simon. we does not currently has any issues wif this, but one of the Kittehs Who Came Before did. my mommeh ended up having to give him just a spoonfool of foods at a time, waiting 15min in between spoonfuls. it was the only way to make sure he eated proper wifout getting the barfies. he ate dry mixed wif wet.

  10. We both eat quite slowly and never finish our food in one go but when our mum inherited her mother in law's 10 cats, one of them scarfed it down fast and barfed it right back up again. They had always been fed together out of one big dish. Mum fed 9 of them with 3 separate bowls, and she gave the barfer a bowl on his own in another room with the kitty she already had who had always been fed on his own. After a while when he realised he had a dish of food all to himself with no one else trying to eat it, he slowed down and mostly stopped barfing.

  11. We only have one 'good' eater in our house -- Jinx. He was starving when he came to live here and has never forgotten. He doesn't gobble too fast though,so I hope that the above suggestions help poor dear Simon.

    Concats on the one month anniversary.
    That is wonderful Simon.

  12. We don't have any suggestions. We think the others have some good ideas though. We're all nibblers here.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Simon...we think you ought to slow down when your eating so you can really enjoy your foods!!

  14. Bonjour!
    Mommy person here feed me once a day, and as I know about it, I'm eating little parts all day long.
    I hope everything will be fine there with you all.
    Love you friends
    Luna - We love Luna

  15. Wow Simon - we can't believe it has been a month already! You are really starting to fit in well! We think we would be very confused by that food set up. Our big brother Floyd would eat fast and barf - mom never knew a good way to slow him down though.

  16. I can eat as much as I want and do fine. Iza, though, can eat too much an throw it up (or just too much an gain weight). So TBT gives Iza a spoonful at a time then waits like 30 minutes to give her more. Since he is aroun the kitchen a lot, he doesnt mind.