Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the wonderful reception at the CatBlogoshpere! Me and my brothers have never met so many nice kitties and people - who knew they were all online! Yay!

So, last night, I was helping mom with the wrapping of presents. I like to help! But then JayJay had to come in and take over - he is such a pest & he can't sit still for very long... I think he has ADD or something!

He started by playing in the shopping bag that the presents came in, then he started tackling the empty wrapping paper roll! Anybody want a crazy bengal?? Mom couldn't even finish wrapping because Jay was playing with everything!
*sigh* Sometimes I wish I was an only child! Anyway - I'm going to go and work on the Christmas cards with Mom - hopefully Jay won't "help" today... I know we're new, but if you want a card from us, please email my Mom at cclark0412 at
Hugs & Purrs,


  1. Jay was just snoopervising to make sure your mom got it all right!

  2. Ha! I think you guys have the right idea! My first time and a pleasure to meet you!!