Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HP 2009 Countdown

Hello Everyone!

A lot of kitties expressed interest in coming over for our house party - from different countries, too!  We're SOOO excited!  We shall have a Merry Christmas, indeed!  We're gonna go all out - JayJay is gathering the bags and boxes - no plastic, though because once Austin starts biting on the plastic, he can't stop!

I'm getting the food together - Chey suggested ham, so we have ham chilling in the cold box!  Our favorite food is SALMON - so we have that, too!  Oh, and some temptations, greenies and other treats as well!

Austin is in charge of the toys - mousies, feather wands, balls, and other fun things!

Hmm, have we left anything out??


  1. I could have brought ham, but if you love salmon, I can pick some up at Pike's Place! And sword fish and anything else you like. I am a very strong cat!

  2. We like munchies. We'll bring the Temptations and Greenies.

  3. Hello sweet friends!
    wow Salmon, a dream indeed!All those delicious treats are wonderful!
    I will ask mommy to set some yummy salmon cookies, it's great!And I can bring my "david", I mean my little mouse to play with you!
    And JayJay, please don't bit plastic okay!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  4. Oh yeah this sounds awesome! I'll bring along some nip toys and chick-hen!

  5. Shall we bring the snow? We still have lots of it.

  6. We plan on being here......and once Andy heard Salmon, he knew he had to be here. That is the only kind of Stinky Goodness he will eat.

    Oh, and we see by a comment that Cats In Trees might bring some snow.....YAY.

    We're dusting off our flying afghan and will fly in for the party.....weather permiting.

  7. That sounds like a great party - but you did leave out the turkey - that is super tasty too! We can bring some as long as mom doesn't forget about it (she is very bad about getting our visits in lately). Oh, and Eric and Flynn are right - nip is a must!

  8. Sounds like a festive party. What can I bring?

  9. Oh boy, Oh boy! We are all excited and can hardly wait. We'll bring a big tub of nip! A good party always needs some nip.

    Dante, Dylan & Domino

  10. http://memoriileluisakura.blogspot.com/2009/12/premiuuuuuuprizeeeee.html
    with friendship

  11. Awright!! We love a good party!! We'll be there for sure!!

  12. Oh yes...we'll bring some nip too! You can never have too much! Grete offered to try and catch us a live squirrel, but that might be a bit over the top, even for us.