Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Letter to Management

Dear Mom,

I have a quandary...  I think you love Austin & JayJay more than me.  You never give me rubs, treats or food off of your plate.  You even separate me from my brothers when I eat!  I think you give them special food and lock me, your unloved child, in another room so I won't get any.  You also yell at me when I do find something to eat!  What have I done to deserve this?

Sincerely - a kitty that loves you very much,


Dearest Nico,

I am SO sorry that you feel this way!  I love you no less than Austin or JayJay.  The reason I separate you from your brothers to eat is that they are BOTH food aggressive - and you aren't!  You wouldn't get a bit to eat if I didn't!   Second, you don't eat treats or my food - You bat around what I give you until one of your brothers eats it or else you bury it & I find it days later all nasty & gross - usually in my bed.  Third, I yell at you when are eating, because you are a. eating plastic, b. chewing on wood or c. eating paper.  Honey, you can't digest those things!  I give you rubs all the time - even when you put your butt in my face - which you seem to like to do...  Then you walk away - mid rub!  What am I supposed to do??



  1. oh noes Nico you should feel loved! I bet your mom really loves you lots I mean the blog is named after you not austin or jayjay, plus your poly! Who doesnt love a poly cat!

  2. Nico, we think your mom loves and cares about you very much...maybe more than JayJay and Austin!!

  3. Nico, we're sure your Mom loves you as much, if not more, but we have to tell you that it's really difficult to figure out the things these humans do!!!!!!

  4. Humph. You know I prefer plastic too. I bet meezers can digest plastic...

  5. It sounds like you are getting very special treatment. That must mean that your mom loves you very, very, extra-special much. You are a very lucky kitty.

  6. Your The Mom sure has lots of excuses. She sounds a lot like my The Mom. I would love to eat plastic bags, too, but she always yells at me. Duhr.
    I feel your pain, dude.


  7. Oh wow, Nico--seems like there IS a quandry at your home. Your Mom sounds like she loves you...hmm. Do you have your own bowl? There are 6 of us, and Tommy learned awhile ago (plus she read it on Google) that a kitty should have its own bowl--just cause of what your Mom said. All six of us eat at the same time--and don't try to steal from another unless, Tommy doesn't get all the bowls down at the same time--she's good at balancing 6 bowls at a time. Good luck!


    PS. Dude--don't be eating any plastic!

  8. Oh Nico, you know I would usually ALWAYS side with you. But I've learned first hand what can happen when you eat things other than food. Maybe you heard of my ribbon incident? NOT something I'd ever like to repeat. So maybe you oughta cut her some slack. Not a lot... just a smidge.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  9. Your Mom is right. You shouldn't eat plastic. You want to eat Temptashuns and Fancy Feast. Leave the plastic for the doggies. Ooos, you don't have a doggie? Maybe you should get one for Christmas

  10. That sounds so nice of your mom to protect you from me. If you had cheese, I'd steal it for sure. I'm pretty sure she loves you lots.