Monday, December 21, 2009

House Party 2009

Happy Meezer Monday!

Well Mom is getting all packed up to go up north for Christmas, plans are underway for our house party!   We had made the comment that we would like to trash the place this week after Mom goes away - Eric and Flynn said they would come over and help!

As you can see, I tried to start early - but Mom caught me!

Wish us luck & come on over if you want to help!

Nico, Austin & JayJay  :)


  1. Oh i would just love to help! I never really get into things or anything so this would be a nice release!

  2. We would love to party with you. We love to bite plastic and cardboard boxes.

  3. I'm on my way over! What a great way to party. Do we need ham?!

  4. We'll be over too! We just love a good house trashing party!

  5. We will bring a bag full of live mousies with us so we can let them go, then we can all have fun chasing them all over the house. We will get our claws good and sharp too for some furniture shredding.

  6. Oh sweet friend, I would love to help as well!
    As our friends said, we could have a great Party!Cool!I loved the idea of boxes! :)
    purrs and love
    Lunan - We love Luna
    By the way friends, about your last comment in my blog, I'm a GIRL :) LOL and that poor cat inside the basket freezing outside in this terrible cold winter lives here near my house.I'm so worried about him I hope his beans let the poor cat be inside now.Mommy said she will be check it later, but she can't go out now because it's snowing a lot and all streets are a really MESS! LOL
    Take care friends!

  7. Cool! We love a good house trashing party! I'll get started unrolling the toilet paper and Grete will start tossing pillows around. And well the rest of us....we'll start with THoE and go from there! Wheeee!

  8. We would love to come and help. But just now there is snow in our garden, and we can't get enough of that. Next time?

  9. I'd love to come and party! ...Glogirly won't let me drive her car though. Killjoy.

    So just make sure you've got lots of treats, lots of nip and lots of bags and tissue to shred!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  10. I am revving up the boogie mat to join you. I hope the weather lets me through.. HUgs GJ xx

  11. Sure, Dante, Domino and Dylan would love to come over and trash your place, too! What a festive idea!

    It'll teach your beans to go away and leave you at a time like this. I hope they're leaving lots of party snacks, anyway.