Friday, December 4, 2009

No Pictures Please!

Nico here,

I've decided to take over the blog for a while (well, I dictate and Mom types - I love it!) because I think my Mom is sick. She keeps sniffling and sneezing - which woke me up! JayJay is racing around and mews every time she sneezes. I think he thinks she's making that noise on purpose. I know better! The paparazzi was out today and caught me in a non picture mood - I can't help that I'm good looking (Mom says I'm beautiful, but I'm a guy! Darn it!) - I tried to grab the camera, but they got the shot anyway... I think I'm going to go & chase the little brat (Jay) he keeps taunting me and running away. I don't like to play with Austin too much - he's an grouchy old man with hyperthyroidism. He has to take two pills a day - Mom puts it in treat so he'll eat it. Once JayJay stole the treat when Austin and Mom weren't looking - hehe! When Mom found out, she frantically called the v-e-t who assured her Jay would be fine. Now she watches very closely to make sure Austin eats it all... Well, that's all for now - Jay get off of the tv!

Hugs and purrs,


  1. Hi and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Hi ya, Nico! Nice to meet you!!

    We hope your mom feels better...

  3. Hi there! I sent an email to the CB so that hopefully in the next day or 2 there will be an announcement about your new bloggie.

  4. Hope youe mom feels better, you have her working too hard. Good thing today is restful Sunday and she can rest.