Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Beautiful Black Kitty is Saved - YAY!!!

Good News - I just read the updated post on Robin Olson's blog:

Not on My Watch: The Luckiest Black Cat Ever

I cannot believe the number of people who tweeted, re-posted, wrote articles, emailed their friends about this ONE black beauty! As of this afternoon, the little mama kitty was picked up by Bobbi, who is graciously taking her to the Vet so she'll be checked out and hopefully get a clean bill of health. Next stop-ARIZONA where she will be living with her new family! Tonight they're going to pick out a name for her!
AC 6.25.10 092B.jpg
I am completely stunned that this one cat, who surely would be facing her last hours, will now have the hopes of living out her days with a loving family. The odds she would have been rescued? Well according to Henry Co.'s stats, roughly 95% of cats that go in the door, never come out alive. Yes, I said 95%.
Not only is this mama being rescued, but another cat is also getting pulled, too!When we get the word out that cats need help, good people step up and say; "YES!" I will give that cat a home or "Yes! I will donate money for that cat's care!" It DOES take a village, as they say...


  1. This is awesome news for this beautiful girl, but we are still crying for the 95% who never make it out alive. ::sob::

  2. We saw the update too - we were so happy!!

  3. We were very excited about that news!

  4. We were very happy when we heard the news.