Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good News for the Meezer Boys!!

Good News - All 4 Meezer Boys Will Be Saved!!!   YAY!!!!

As I read this message, the meezers are scheduled to be pulled early this coming week - well before their PTS date!!!  YAY!!!

Fosters have been found for three of the meezers & one has found a home!!!  YAY!!!

Bubba's new home will be in a little town just Northwest of Chicago...  Yay - Hey, that's really close to us!  Interesting...

Bubba's new Mom will be Cory Clark - hey Mom, that's the same as your name!  Huh, what are the odds?...


(Mom: Sorry, baby - but just like Inigo & Rumbles and Cory the Cat, I just loved his picture!  He needs us! Look - you two already look like you're brothers!)

First you take away our crunchies & NOW you're bringing in another cat??!!  Woman, THIS MEANS WAR!!!

(Mom: ps. We're going to try to think up a new name for him - as a symbol of his new life.  Everyone can help - give us the name(s) you think will suit him!)

Nico: I've got a name for him... UB - Unwanted Brat!

(This still means 3 boys will need forever homes - If you know of anyone looking for a friend - a meezer friend, please contact Judi at


  1. What great news, I am so, so, so, happy for Bubba! Thank you Cory for opening up your heart and home! We love you!

    Now, Nico and Jay2, imagine .... a personal butler if you train him well!!! Hehehe ... I am sure you guys will love your new brother to bits as you guys have such big loving (cheeky) hearts!

  2. Concatulations on the new family meezer! We're excited to see "Bubba" in his new home.

  3. Good news! I have a special place in my heart for all things siamese. My siamese sister passed away a year ago today.

    your friend, Pip

    Please visit my blog at

  4. Think of the upside! With three of you, you can overtake the humans and claim the noms!

    We're so happy for all the kitties, specially Bubba!

  5. This is wonderful news, we are so happy the remaining kitties will be pulled from that kill shelter...Congratulations on your new brother=we're sure you guys will be best of friends soon!...Your Mommy has a kind heart...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Great news! I hope everything goes well.

  7. Oh that is good news! We can't wait to hear how he settles in!

  8. Oh purrrrrrrrrr....we just L.O.V.E. Bubba and now we get to see him all the time now! Woo hoo! Happy dancing!!!!!

  9. Hey...Pee Ess...I just realized your mom's name and my name are the same!

  10. oh too funny and thanks so much letting me know! I posted an update on my blog and an update at the forum on where us kitty lovin online sellers hang out...

    It think Bubba looks like a prince...
    He might like a nother name that starts with B.

    Like Bartho-La-Mew emphasis on the Mew part!
    or Barnaby, Barney Miller, Beauregard or BoBo for short...

    Might think of some more later.

    Katie Kat

  11. Wait for me, I'm so late!My mommy is studying so hard because her French tests will start next week , so that it was difficult to convince her to leave her books and rest a little bit and mainly to take a time to visit blog friends with me, but I'm so happy now visiting you all, and know about the great news!It's wonderful indeed!
    Bubba is adorable!
    I 'm curious to see more pictures!
    Happy Sunday
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  12. So wonderful that you are taking in 'Bubba'. We are sure the boys will get used to having a brother. Hope the other three will find good homes soon.

  13. It's definitely good news for the Meezer Boys, especially "Bubba."

    Maybe in time you both will realize this a good thing for you too! Another brother is good...right? More playing, someone new to cuddle with....Just give it time. :-)

  14. What great news! I bet you think up a great name for Bubba - what a charming boy!

  15. That is wonderful news for all the Meezer boys and particularly for your new brother Bubba.

  16. We are so happy to hear this! Thank you for adopting Bubba, and we are glad the other kitties have foster homes. Our human is not so great at thinking of names but we liked Katie Kat's suggestions about, particularly Beauregard (Beau for short?). Google Translate says Beauregard means "beautiful eyes" - we are not 100% sure about that, but we think it's a nice name.

  17. We are so glad all the Meezer boys will be rescued and it is great Bubba is coming to live with you. We thinks he looks like a Southern Gentleman so maybe Rhett Butler would suit him. If you wanted to stick with a name that starts with a B, we suggest Bo (that is our Daddy's name). Or U could just call him Brother.

  18. so glad they will be fine. Siamese are just like having a kid around, so much voice they have! Will never be a dull moment!
    Also check out the Siamese group you can join on yahoo groups. Real nice group and tons of pictures too.

  19. Wonderful news - and relax, guys, I am sure that Bubba will be a terrific brother for you and you will all be as thick as thieves in no time.

    And you already know this but you have a very generous and good hearted Mom!

    So happy all the Meezers are safe!

    Cagney and Webbthistle

  20. Yay! That's wonderful news! Bubba is a very lucky kitty to get such a wonderful home.

  21. Fantastic news! We are purring with happiness for your new housemate, and purring and hoping for his brothers to find good furever homes!

  22. You are an absolute angel for taking in one of the boys. I am on my sixth Siamese at the moment. Thus, I know the how marvelous they are. Again, Thank You for taking one of them.

  23. You are a marvel for taking that sweet baby in. Now I pray that the other three will get as lucky and get forever homes.. What about" Hope " because there is so hope in those eyes.. HUgs GJ x

  24. This is GREAT news! Sorry Nico, I'm happy you're getting a new roomie. :)

  25. This is really neat, that you're rescuing one of the meezers. Your guys will probably forgive you eventually, after lots of treats and special attention.

  26. We are soooo excited and soooo happy that Bubba will have a new home with you! You two will adjust to your new brother just fine, we all did when each of us came to live together. We know Meezers and Irish have nothing to do with each other, but maybe his name should be Paddy, since he has had the luck of the Irish and found his "pot o' gold" to be saved by you!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  27. These names came from my thread at the forum on from a seller who goes by "Cheesehead!" {www(.)bonanzle(.)com/booths/driver211} CH has a female Siamese named Sandy.

    Here is what CH wrote:

    " is a list of cool male Siamese names. By the way, if you are on yahoo, the yahoo group of Siamese is great, tons of info on the Siamese cat and great people, with a world of info and tons of pictures.

    Here are some names
    Caesar, Geronimo, Jackson, Magill, Mocha, Mylan, Rocco, Simba, Toby, Valentino."

    Of these ideas, my favorites for this handsome fellow would be Jackson, Simba or Toby. Yet he could turn out to be a Valentino and melt (steal) your heart away!

    Purrz, Katie Kat

  28. Thank you Cory, for opening your home and heart to this beautiful kitty. We are so glad to hear all of the meezers will be saved. Nico, we are sure you and JayJay will show Bubba the ropes, and before you know it you'll all be getting along just fine. :)

  29. What awesome news! We are behind because of the mom being offline all weekend but we were so excited to see the good news!! Congrats on the new addition!