Friday, June 18, 2010

Simon's First Award!!

Thank you Alasandra for this wonderful award!!

Here are 9 interesting things about myself:

1. Although I am a talker, I do not have a meezer yowl!  When my new lady first heard me, she was surprised that I had such a soft voice.

2. I am SOOO food aggressive!!  I LOVES FOOD!!  I love it so much that the lady has to put me in another room when she feeds us kitties - otherwise I'll knock everyone away to gobble up their food, too!  The lady wonders if I had to compete for food with my five other meezer siblings...

3. I am a small, little cat  - a little smaller than JayJay!  The lady guesses that I weigh about 8.5 - 9 lbs.!

4. I am über affectionate!  I loves people, kitties - maybe even woofies!  Every time the lady is sitting, I have to cuddle up next to her (Mom: I LOVE that he does this!!)

5. Between the two kitties that live here, I prefer to follow Nico around (much to his annoyance - he's the one who likes me less - so I have to win him over)

6. I love feather wands - I will play with them as long as you let me!!  I don't carry them around in my mouth like JayJay does, though.

7. The lady thinks she discovered why JayJay ran through the screen - I've come bounding up to him, wanting to play & he jumps like a million feet in the air!  I've done this several times.

8. I'm extremely patient with the other kitties that live here - I'll come up & sit near them, if they growl, I move a little farther away.  If they don't growl, I'll sit there for a little while & slowly inch my way toward them - I don't want to spook them, I just want to be friends!  We all know you don't make friends overnight!  (Mom: Still trying to get a picture of this!)

9. I'm very happy here!  The lady is so nice to me & I get to sleep next to her all the time!  Don't worry too much about me making friends - I'll wear these boys down soon!  I'm making great progress with JayJay - he didn't even hiss at me tonight when I brushed past where he was napping!  Nico, well...  that's another story (I'll get him to like me too, I just know it!)

9A. Oh & to address my supposed "smelliness" - I just got snipped last week!!  Good catness - it'll be a few weeks before my manlycat smell goes away!  Deal with it - besides, the lady doesn't think I smell at all!!

We've been talking & we know this award has made it around to just about all of the blogging kitties - we've checked!!  Any kitty who would like to share 9 things about his/herself - TAKE IT!!  We LOVE to read these - it helps us to get to know you better!!!


  1. Good to know a bit more about you, Simon. We know you will settle down well and the other kitties will soon get used to you.

  2. Simon--it's great to learn about you!

  3. Well done Simon!! You're getting into this blogging thing really well!!

  4. Hi Simon!

    Congratulations on your first award!!
    Looks like things are going superb for ya!!
    Well done!
    Lucky is very sure you are not smelly at all!!!

    Love, Lucky

  5. We loved learning more about you Simon!

    Hey, have your mom stop by our blog cause we've given her an award!

  6. Glad you liked the award. We enjoyed learning 9 things about you and we just know you will win your brothers over soon. You are employing the same strategy Artemisia used and it worked with Grumpy Girl Scylla. If it worked on Scylla it'll work on any cat.

  7. Simon, you sound like a very wonderful kitteh! And very well-mannered, too.

  8. Simon, we loved reading those 9 things and getting to know you better. We think you have the purrfect home and hope you will win both JayJay and Nico over soon!

  9. Simon you are already a pro at blogging...and we are purring so hard that you are such a sweetheart and wearing down the kitties....they will fall in love with you soon! I know we have!

  10. Thanks Simon, you are very sweet and lucky to have such a wonderful family there!
    I love your answers!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  11. Concats on your very first award. It was nice of you to tell us those things about you Simon. You sound a lovely affectionate boy.

  12. These was very good and detailed answers. We is so glad things is going well fur you Simon. Mommy sais I has a eatting-disorder too, on account when I first get to the shelter I was 2lbs under-weight. After 6 months at the shelter I was 6lbs over-weight. I has been with mommy for 16 months now and I is finally figuring out I not has to worry about foods. Is hard to get over when you has really been hungry afore. You is in a safe place now, I is sure you will figures it all out.
    Your friend- TK

  13. Congratulations on your first award, Simon; you are such a gorgeous sweetheart!...We loved reading your list and getting to know you better, beautiful boy!...We are so happy to be your friends...Hope you have a fun weekend with your family...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. How fun, learning all these new things about you! I too think you will wear down Nico and JayJay and you will all be friends. You really sound like a wonderful kitty, and it's shocking that anyone would have dumped you at a kill shelter!

  15. Congrats on your award. Love all your answers. Have a great weekend.

  16. Simon,
    We LOVED learning more about you. We would like to see Jay Jay go straight up into the air...we stalk and scare each other here just to get the same reaction. hee hee!
    You wear those other kitties down...they were a little anxious about you arriving but since you are friendly it should work out quick!
    xx Lounge Kats

  17. You will win them round for sure.. Good to hear all those things about you.. Thank god you were rescued from that shelter. Hugs GJ xx

  18. realleh enjoying learning about you, Simon. sounds like you are a patient and well-mannered mancat. i hopes your new bruvvers come around soon. sounds like you just want to be furrends and hang out wif them. ask your mommeh to get some video of you inching closer!

  19. Nice to learn all these things about you Simon!

    cats of wildcat woods

  20. Concats on your award! We loved learning all those things about you, Simon!

  21. Simon
    Those were great things you shared with us today about yourself and we think both Nico and Jay Jay will accept you in no time.




  22. Congratulations on the Award, Simon! We loved reading your answers and Yuji really enjoyed reading how you're settling in, since he's just settling in here too!!!