Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yay!! We can blog again!!

We're so glad blogger is working again!!  We weren't sure if the problems last night were blogger's error or human error (notice we didn't say "user error"  WE don't make errors - our STAFF does).  But this afternoon, we saw Jan's message on the CB about blogger being down & so Mom's off the hook - this time...  

(Mom: I would've been climbing the walls if blogger had crashed last Friday - with the meezer emergency!)

Anyway, like we said yesterday - we received an email from TCFKAB (The Cat Formerly Known As Bubba) so we thought we'd post it:

Hi Nico and Jay,  This is your new bwooduer Bubba.  I want to Thank You with all of my heart for offering me a Loving Forever Home.  I promise to be the bestest bwoodure you have even knowned. I promise not to be too much of a pain in the b***, but pls give me some time cause I have been haven' a lotta bad stuff happenin' in my life lately.  I was taken away from my Mom and Dad, froaded in a nasty place called a shelter there was no cushy beds like I had at my house, I had to be seperated from my bwoodures and sissies probably never to seed them again, they are going to make me a part gurl (neutered) then I gotta be put in a  van for 5 to 6 hrs.  and brought to a place called OHIO.  I don't have clue where that's  at, does you?? Then I's got to live at a Crazy Old Cat Ladies house until she can bringdids  me to Che-coggo. Then I's probably  going to have to go thru you guys hissing and not liking me. I am going to be a physical and mental wreck for awhile but I is sure that your and now my new Momma will make sure that I will get a lots of love n' understandin"
PS,  Remember I has a Southern Accent.
 Bubba...  but not for long (yeah gonna' haveta git a new name, too)

Mom's going to meet the Crazy Old Cat Lady (Judi - the cat rescuer!) in Fort Wayne, IN to pick up Bubba.  We told her she didn't HAVE to...  But apparently she's all excited - what the heck, Woman??  What are we - kumquats?

We're still taking suggestions on what to name Bubba - When he gets here, we'll decide what name suits him the best!

ps. If you know of anyone looking for a friend - a meezer friend, please contact Judi at redheadone@sssnet.com


  1. Your guys are so nice to offer Bubba a home. Please give him a warm welcome when he does arrive.

    Why not just keep the name? Sounds purrfect to me.

  2. You are an absolute angel for taking in this Siamese. I posted about these six on my blog. I live in Wa and have five cats now so my house is full. You have done a marvelous thing. I so hope his transition goes smoothly.

    Names ~ something meaning brave .. for the adventure this life has taken him through.

  3. We reckon you'll love Bubba! He looks like he loves to play, and now there will be an extra food dish! So look on the bright side!!

  4. I can already tell that Bubba, or whatever his new name will be, is going to be a great addition to your family! So please, you guys, go easy on him - he has been through a really bad experience and really needs some support.

  5. You have such beautiful sweet heart, I know Bubba will be very happy there!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  6. We're very excited for you and really hope "Bubba" settles in more quickly than expected--and that you all make friends quickly too. Remember he's had a hard time of it and try and be nice, okay?

    Kitty kisses to all; good luck!

  7. We can't wait to discover "Bubba's" name and we just know all you guys are going to have a wonderful time together.

  8. You guys are so amazing, both getting the word out and then giving sweet Bubba a forever home. He is a beauty, and one very lucky boy to gets to lives with all of you!
    You probably knows this, but the quickest way to change a kitty's name is to use the new name first and follow quickly with the old name. Mommy does this with me (TK), my original name was Tiny. Which isn't a bad name, cept I was 22lbs and everyone laugh at me.
    Bless you all for openning your home. You makes mommy teary-eyed with your generosity.

  9. We're just purrring and purrring....we like the Gone with the Wind characters...Rhett or Ashley, since TCFKAB is a southern gentleman. Mom is taking off for a few days so we'll catch up with you this weekend.


  10. Awww you guys! How wonderful that you are giving Bubba a forever home! We are so happy for you that you will have a new brother. That is very exciting!
    Our Mummy is trying to persuade our Daddy to adopt a tortie called Hazelnut at the moment. It is a hard decision because she will have to come with us to Malaysia in August. But little Hazelnut was in love with our Mummy when she went to cuddle kitties at the shelter yesterday!

  11. Nico, Jay2,

    What a nice letter from Bubba.

    Lucky didn't even bring along a kibble basket when he came to stay in MY "purrever home"! :)
    Well, Lucky is a cool guy, I think we will be okay!

    Bubba looks cool too, I am sure he makes a good bro!

    Love, Ginger

  12. What a great e-mail! Many thanks to you (and to Judi, too!) for all you've done to help Bubba and the rest of his cat family.

  13. Your Mommy has a great heart and you guys are about to have a wonderful new brother to play and cuddle with...Just a thought, but how about Hunter since Bubba's hunt for a loving home lead him to you and he has been such a brave boy; you will know when you see him...Thank you for taking him, I'm sure he will be a wonderful blessing to you!...Kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. try to be nice to your new meezer bruvver, guys. he really does has it rough right now.

  15. We are so happy for TCFKAB! We were thinking of a brave name too...How about "General Robert E. Lee"? Lee for short, maybe.
    We didn't realize he was an intact Tom! Wow. Get those hoo-has off and he'll be a much happier kitty.
    When is he arriving?

  16. Bubba sounds like a nice kitty so we hope you will be nice to him. It will be exciting to have a new brother.