Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Judi's Kitties

Happy Wednesday!  Nico here - with Jay making a few side notes...  Some not appreciated. (Jay: HEHE! - IT'S FUN TO ANNOY YOU!)

According to the time line that Mom was given, the meezer boys should've been pulled yesterday & should've gone to the vet to take care of all of their shots & things (including TCFKAB's hoo-haectomy).  By today they should be on the road to Ohio & FREEDOM!!!  YAY!

Mom's getting a little antsy - she wants to hurry up & get TCFKAB so that he can hurry up & start settling in with us...  WE don't have a problem waiting!

Between getting the house ready for our new brother, setting up our posts & the chaos at Mom's "work" (they're STILL making changes to her artwork!), we've barely had time to visit our friends!!!  I think me & Jay should consider trading in this model & getting a new one - she isn't cutting it...  So in other words, we promise we will be around to visit everyone as soon as we can!!

ANYWAY, because Judi's a self proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady status, we thought we would post some pictures of her rescues that she sent us!

This is ChuckE - He kinda looks like me!
This is Odie - He looks like me, too!  (Jay: NAH, THEY'RE BETTER LOOKING THAN YOU!) 
Quiet, brat!

This is Abigail - she kinda looks like Jay!  (JayJay: SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!)
This is Remy LeFeets (Feets for short) - he doesn't look too much like me, but he's a POLY MEEZER like me - YAY!!!
This is Minnie Mouse - she doesn't look like either of us, but she likes boxes, like Jay! (Jay:  SHE'S BEAUTIFUL, TOO!  I LIKE THE GIRL KITTIES!)
And Finally - here's the reason she calls herself a Crazy Cat Lady!!  & Mom thought her bed was crowded with just Jay!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures!  We'll post an ETA on TCFKAB as soon as we get the information! & as always - If you know of anyone looking for a meezer friend, please contact Judi at


  1. Oooohh...the excitement is getting unbearable!

    Mommy says that the new boy (and his pee) might smell for a while. It takes about 6 weeks for testosterone to clear a Tom/Tim body. Our Maui took about 4 weeks before he started getting lovey and less aggressive. She's excited too!

  2. What a lovely bunch of kitties! The photo of all the cats on the bed together is wonderful.

    Purrs to all of you - and special purrs to your mom and Judi!

  3. Remy LeFeets is my favorite! Although there are only three of us, we take up almost as much room on the bed as those five do! So I don't think Judi is crazy at all.

  4. We can't wait to meet your new brother!!..So many beautiful babies=every single one is adorable!...Our Mom doesn't think Judi is crazy, just surrounded by love!...kisses sweet boys...xo...Calle, Halle Sukki

  5. It is exciting! We are looking forward to meeting your new brother. We like seeing all the kitties on the bed.

  6. What a lot of pretty kitties. We hope all went according to plan for the Meezers being pulled.

  7. Oh we so hope the-cat-formerly-known-as-Bubba gets their soon. We just knows you all are going to get along famously. (you has to try, a lots of kitties is watching, so you really is the famous!)
    You sure knows a lot of purrtee kittycats!

  8. wunnerful photos! so glad these kittehs got taken out of the Bad Place.

  9. What a beautiful bunch of kitties!!! And we can't wait to learn when Bubba aka TCFKAB arrives to his new furever home with you!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. Those are some good looking kitties!! We can't wait for TCFKAB to get to your house too!!