Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on the Meezer Boys!!

UpdateHere is some more information on the meezer boys needing new homes:
Unnamed – adult (3-4 years) – male, neutered  & Jazz – 6 years – male, neutered

Little Boy – 2 years – male, unneutered

Bubba – 3 years – male, unneutered

There was no paper work to say if they had shots or so they will probably have to be vaccinated.  Also, there is no proof of them being tested for FeLK/FIV so it is recommended that folks have them tested before they are put on the transport van - Just as a precaution if they have other cats. 

Note from Judi ( They are all Applehead Seal Points & have been Inside Only kitties.  That helps me believe that there is nothing wrong with them.  I have also been told that they are very healthy. As for their personalities, Dana (her friend who works at the shelter) has not given me that info.  She just said that they were very frightened when they first came to the shelter but have started to come out of their shells and are coming to her for pets when she visits them.  I would imagine that they are good with other cats since they lived in a multi-cat household. 

If you are interested in adopting ANY of the beautiful boys, please do not hesitate - their PTS date is June 10th.   Email Judi at 

Thanks!  :)


  1. My momma is in love with Bubba too! We have offered to foster if someone could get one of them to us in Oregon!

    Save the Meezers!

  2. We will help pass on the info. We hopes they find homes soon, they are all very handsome Meezers.

  3. We posted this on Facebook! Hope it helps!

  4. This is tragic=what is wrong with the original owner to place these sweet babies in a kill shelter???...Bless the babies, hope they find a loving home...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. We're sending lots of purrs to these guys (and to the other kitties in the shelter, too!) Our mom lived with Applehead Seal Points when she was a child (they were called "Traditional Siamese" then) -they are wonderful cats! We would love to adopt one if we weren't renters.

  6. We hope they all get wonderful homes.

  7. We'd love any meezer but we live in Arizona. We are here if needed. God bless the beautiful boys.