Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Nico & JayJay:

Ok, we know that this rant might not be too popular, but darn it we're taking our blog back to give the


1. He's stinky - like a Tommy Cat!

2. He's WAY more food aggressive than Jay is! (Jay: NOT COOL!)

3. He has NO respect for personal space - always trying to headbutt us!

4. He's smelly!  Really, he is!

5. He follows our Mom around, looking for attention (Jay: SUCK UP!!)

6. He's sleeping on MY BLANKET!!

7. Mom called Jay a spaz after Simon startled him & he ranned thru the screen (Jay: WHO'S THE VICTIM HERE?? OH, & ATTIE - I AM NOT A MEANIEHEAD!!!)

8. He's SOOO Smelly - Seriously, can't you smell it???

9. He took over Jay's spot on the bed because our Mom can't stand to lock him in the bathroom!

10. He used OUR litterbox!!!  (Mom: in his defense, Jay - you used his!)  (Jay: WHAT'S YOUR POINT??)
11. HE SMELLS!! 

12. He took over OUR cat tree - Woman, move it out of the bedroom so we can use it! 

13. Our Mom now calls him her "cutie little meezer boy"  What the heck Woman, WHAT AM I???

14. He's making our Mom sneeze (Mom: boys - I was sneezing before he got here)


This concludes our rant - & ps. these pheromone collars smell awesome!!)


  1. I think it sounds like things are going swimmingly... :).

  2. Now boys, the tommy tomcat smell will go away in a couple more weeks...he can't help he just had his hoo-has snipped off.
    And he wants to make friends! He's headbutting!
    Give poor Simon a chance...and pee in his box all you want. That only seems fair.

  3. Uh, yeah, you guys are being a little harsh. Although I can't say I would be any less harsh in your place. Few things are worse than that new-cat smell, especially when a kitty has been "worked on" at the vet. And Simon is trying really hard to be friends with you.

    Maybe the pheromone collars will overpower his stinkiness?

  4. We enjoyed the rant (really!), but we hope things start going a little more smoothly soon! Although we agree that poor old Simon probably does smell a little funny right now! The headbutting sounds like he is trying to make friends, though - and we are glad he is following your mom around

    We hope the pheromone collars help - keep us posted.

    Many purrs to all three of you (and also to your mom - she probably needs them!)

  5. Glad you guys got those collars, we hope it helps the aggression!...Nico and JayJay, please give sweet Simon a chance; he's had such a rough time=losing his whole family, surgery, being relocated and trying to fit into a new home...We know it's not easy, but he sounds like a real sweetheart and with the headbutting, he wants to be friends...Best of luck Simon, we're rooting for you, handsome friend...kisses to all of you adorable boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Aw. We kind of feel sorry for you all because ... like, Simon must really smell, for you to mention it so many times. (mawhawhaw, sorry!) But your Mummy wiped him down! He sounds like he's trying to be friends with you headbutting!!!
    You need an icebreaker. Hope you get comfy with each other soon!!!

  7. Aw, c'mon guys, be nice. We feel a bit sorry for you all, most especially Simon who has had a rough go of it. His smell will abate in a few weeks, really. Okay, it can take up to a month or six weeks, we think. On the plus side, we're glad the collars smell good.

    Hmm, has your mom considered a catnip party? It can help break the ice, all right, unless nip makes one of you aggressive (it does with our Nicki).

    Good lucky and kitty kisses to you all!

  8. Boys...Nigel smelled bad when he first got here...and guess what? He still does!


    But we love him.

    Pee girls think Simon is gorgeous. Sorry.

  9. Nico & Jay2, (psst... and Simon too, love your photos!)

    This rant makes me laugh big time!

    Well, let me give you a biggie hugg!! I know it can be difficult but I know you guys are playful, loving, flexible and accepting mancat!

    The smelly thing, it will go away eventually.

    Be good, keep well and safe!

  10. We is so sorry you hasing such a hard time with the new kitty. We promises that hims stinkinesses will goes away once him has his surjeries. That will makes 5 of your complaints go away right there!
    Him sure sounds like him wants to be friends.

  11. ohhh sweet friends, please be patient,you can be friends, it's wonderful to share and have friends.
    I think you all can play together and have lots of fun!Think about , please!
    love you friends,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  12. I'll bet the Mancat stink will slowly go away. Sometimes just having a good rant can make you feel much better.

  13. When Rambler was first snipped he smelled too, but luckily the odor went away after a few weeks. We think Simon's will too! It's ok to rant, get it all out and then try to tolerate one another. Easier said then done, right :) We're all still trying to tolerate one another here too! Apparently I can be quite the diva and like to beat up on my brothers and sisters. MOL!

  14. ok, we all know that our the mom is NUTS. but the v-e-t saided to do the following to make the "you smell" thing go away really fast.

    Squirt baby powder on every catbutt in the house. That way efurryone smells the same. And it werks. It really really werks.

    And it's ok if it gets licked off - but mostly it will come off on it's own when the butts get rubbed on the floor.

  15. Maybe your Mom could give Simon a bath. Once Mommy bathed Artemisia, Scylla liked her a lot better.

    We thinks Simon is probably lonely so maybe you guys could try making friends with him. ~AFSS

    (Scylla here) I know what you mean about the usurper using your litterbox. When Mommy & Daddy first brought Artemisia home they didn't have anything set up so they put the Powder Puff in my litterbox cause Mommy figured after a 3 hour car ride Artemisia needed to GO. Well you should have heard me yell when I got in there later and smelled HER. Nobody uses MY LITTERBOX!

  16. Don't worry, that yucky smell will soon go and then you will see how nice Simon really is.

  17. Pretty soon efurryone will smell the same!
    YOu watch -- give it a little time and efurryone will be lovin each other.




  18. We has an award for Simon.

  19. After what your mom went through to adopt you guys, BEHAVE!

  20. We are not moved by yer rant. Ya know why? Simon has been eating other fuds than you guys, so it makes him smell different.

    An it may be the boybit snips what changed his smell. Give him a week about that.

    Headbutting is not aggressive, it is a sign of affection. At least here it is...

    Of course he is gonna sleep on yer blankie; he doesn't have one of his own yet...

    The best way ta get the "stranger" smell away is ta have the Beins stroke you, then him, then you, then him etc until the smells are all spread out an ya all smell like each other...

  21. Guys, I know what you mean...when Ernie first came to live here, he smelled too and his furs were greasy. And I couldn't stand the way he smelled. But after some time, he started smelling better.

    Give it some time. We think you'll learn to like Simon.

  22. You are an absolute angel !!! You saved him and may very good things happen to you ... He is so cute.